SME Equity fund

Equity Financing

The equity financing is applicable to companies with turnover above Rs10 million but below Rs250 million.  The investment of SME Equity Fund will start from Rs500,000 up to a maximum of Rs25 Million.

Terms and Conditions are as follows:

    • Promoter(s) must have at least 51% equity stake in his company.  SME Equity Fund can only contribute up to a maximum of 49% of total equity in the company.
    • Investment of SME Equity Fund is by way of Redeemable Preference Shares. Equity by way of Ordinary Shares may also be considered.
    • The redemption of Preference Shares is at a cumulative dividend of 6% p.a or higher of Net Asset Value (capped at 11%).
    • The repayment for funding request done under COVID 19 Support Program, will be considered on a case to case basis and is expected to be within 2 to 5 years.
    • Financing will not be considered for businesses in the gambling and real estate sectors; those which nature of businesses/source of funds are unclear and excessive debts.
    • General KYC Requirements (indicative and non-exhaustive – vary by project).

Investment support
through Crowd-lending

The investment support through crowd-lending is a fast and simple financing mechanism for every key moment of your growth: working capital, capex, project finance, supply chain finance and microcredit.  This is available through Fundkiss Technologies Ltd, with the assistance of SME Equity Fund.

  • Interest rate at 12-15% p.a – Unsecured loans
  • Repayment Period up to 5 years
  • Eligibility: Minimum of 2 years of operations for a SME and 3 years of operations for a Sole Trader

Terms and Conditions are as follows:

    • Fundkiss Technologies Limited Terms and Conditions apply.
    • Financial offer is subject to the approval of the project by the Fundkiss Credit Committee.
    • Financing to be disbursed to the borrower at the condition that 100% of the amount is raised from the lenders registered on