Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd

COVID-19 Loan Scheme

This loan scheme helps to finance the working capital of enterprises with annual turnover less than Rs10 million.

  • Loan Amount Ceiling: Rs1M
  • Interest rate at 1.5%
  • Repayment period of 3 years
  • Security: General floating charge on company’s assets plus general floating charge on main shareholder

Wage Support scheme for
Export Oriented (goods) Enterprise

The purpose of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to Export Oriented (Goods) Enterprises impacted by the COVID-19 in order to support payment of wages of their employees up to June 2021.

  • Loan Amount Ceiling: Depending on Entities request
  • Interest rate at 2% p.a
  • Repayment period up to five years
  • Eligibility Export Oriented Enterprises as per Ministry of labour, Human Resources Development and Training

Business Loan

The purpose of this loan is to facilitate the purchase of land for agricultural purpose, trade and services, working capital and purchase of vehicles to be used for businesses.

  • Loan Amount Ceiling: Up to Rs5 Million
  • Interest rate at 8.5% p.a
  • Repayment Period up to five years
  • Eligibility: Business Community

Agro Industry

The purpose of the loan is to meet the purchase cost of machinery equipment for transformation processing, packaging equipment, construction of warehousing facilities and transfer of technology. The applicant should be registered with FAREI/SME Mauritius/Cooperatives /companies.

  • Loan Amount Ceiling up to a maximum of Rs5 million (Can be increased to Rs10 million with the approval of the Board)
  • Interest rate at 2% p.a
  • Moratorium up to a maximum of one year and repayment period up to seven years
  • Security: Fixed charge and /or General Floating charge where applicable
  • Debt /Equity: 90:10

Enterprise Modernisation

The purpose of this scheme is to facilitate the purchase of machinery and equipment by enterprises with annual turnover of up to Rs10 million.

  • Interest rate of 3.5%
  • A grant of 15% up to a maximum of Rs150,000

Concessionary loans to
women entrepreneurs

For women entrepreneurs, DBM Ltd is providing loans at a concessional rate of 0.5 percent per annum. The loan amount will cover up to 90% of cost of project up to a ceiling of Rs500,000.

Terms and Conditions

    •  As per DBM policy