Monosplit air cooled with inverter P cooling <20 KW. Monosplit cooling power for households should be under 5,0 kW/unit

Reference: B.1.1

LEME Mitigation

Reduce the electric consumption by replacing '' no inverter'' air conditioners

For small air conditionned spaces (housing, offices, retail stores….)

For small air conditionned spaces (housing, offices, retail stores….)

Commission Regulation (EU) No 626/2011 supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU EN 814-2/3 (E 36-104-2/3)

Estimated pay back time short term : 2-4 years, medium term: 4-6 years, long term : 6-8 years (*)

Short/medium term

Equipment of Class A and A+ are eligible as a ”mass market” basic option (energy savings being evaluated in comparison with existing AC units in case of revamping to achieve the 20% target). Products corresponding to the Class A++ with SEER of 6,2, if available on the market to be promoted but not a required condition in all cases . Class A+++ available on the market with SEER of 8,5 are more recent and could also be promoted with the same approach. In all cases, energy efficinecy should be at least 20%.