High efficiency steam boiler

Reference: H.1.1

LEME Mitigation

In case of new equipment or boiler house retrofit

For industrial and tertiary uses (laundries of hotel, hospitals)

Net thermal efficiency ≥ 92%

EU IPPC BAT EE ; Council Directive 92/42/EEC ; Council Directive 93/68/EEC ; Directive 2004/8/EC ;Directive 2005/32/EC, • Directive 2008/28/EC

Estimated pay back time short term : 2-4 years, medium term: 4-6 years, long term : 6-8 years (*)

Medium/long term

Efficiency of the steam production system depends mainly on the quality of the exchange between flue gases and steam; Three-pass conventional firetube boiler / wetback design + integrated ecosystem associated to an efficient burner, allows increase of efficiency from 5 to 10 % compared with) a traditional boiler.