External Shading devices : blinds, window covers , Horizontal or vertical sun protections in facade

Reference: A.2.3

LEME Mitigation

Protection against direct sunshine (panels or other protecxtion devices)

New or retrofit of all kind of air-conditionned buildings; protection type depends of the sunshine exposure

To avoid the direct sunshine on the more exposed facade (s) in all season. The coverage ratio of the sunshine protection devices will be under 50%of the total surface in most cases.

Estimated pay back time short term : 2-4 years, medium term: 4-6 years, long term : 6-8 years (*)

Medium term

The implementation of solar shading devices on windows is the most effective way to reduce the thermal contributions on facades exposed to the direct solar radiation. Type of shading device depends on the orientation of facades ; Protections are rather blackout type for facing east and west windows to raising solar radiations, and to overhanging type for the facing north windows. The protection panels should be designed with the best implementation efficiency by the architects to get the best protection (in case of Greenfield project). No need to cover all the facades of the buiding.