Double-glazing window with low SHGC glass

Reference: A.2.1

LEME Mitigation

Improvement of thermal transfert through windows

New or retrofit of all kind of air-conditionned buildings; windows exposed to direct sunshine

Global U factor ≤ 2 W/m2°K, Low E coating, SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient)<0,5

CE Marking as per EN ISO 10077-1

Estimated pay back time short term : 2-4 years, medium term: 4-6 years, long term : 6-8 years (*)

Medium term

Wood, PVC or metal frame . When metal frame, il is necessary to plan thermal ruptors to avoid thermal bridges. Considering the climate of Mauritius, it is necessary to favor the reduction of the solar factor by coloured or reflective glazing on the windows directly exposed to the sun.