Cold chilled water storage (thermal storage) systems include regulation devices, supervision equipements…) to have high performance ratio

Reference: B.7.1

LEME Mitigation

Store energy produced as free energy at a low cost to postpone its use during the peak hours (peak demand)

Hotels, hospitals and places needing continuous air conditioning

Minimum chilled water capacity of storage : at least 2 hours of nominal hourly production of the main chiller (indicative value)

Estimated pay back time short term : 2-4 years, medium term: 4-6 years, long term : 6-8 years (*)

Medium term

Cold chilled water storage is useful in many ways : provide smooth operation and reduce maximum power demand from the chillers, reduce fixed tariff rate, useful for using consumption from PV , for energy storage when continuous air conditionned service is needed (hôtels, hospitals….) Thermal Storage Systems lead to energy saving and smooth operation for the AC system ; if applicable, a new approach could be implemented having additional positive impacts, with the use of PV Systems. This aspect should be encouraged: combining PV systems with high performance chillers, and an equipment to interface both components, called PLC (programmable logic controller).