About the Code of People Practices

Business Mauritius delivers services that influence the sustainability of both business and community. Whilst engaging with local businesses, Business Mauritius identified the need for the development of a Code of People Practices. Human Resources covers a wide spectrum of functional areas and responsibilities, which include the core People Practices as outlined in the Code. The world of Human Resources has changed and is continuously changing to fit the needs of today’s businesses operating in an ever-changing competitive environment.

Partnering with Pendula Group in South Africa, Business Mauritius developed a relevant and practical Code Of People Practices. Various stakeholders actively took part in workshops where they had a platform to provide valued input as to what they would like to see in a code and how it can be achieved. The code was developed against the backdrop of being accessible to all, written in plain language (simplistic and to the point) providing practical guidelines and solutions for complex situations.

The Code of People Practices is designed to reignite the People element and to shift the focus from Profit to People. Its intent is to reinvest in People and acknowledge the critical role People play in organisational success and sustainability which in turn affects/impacts Profit.

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