National Business Roadmap

Amongst the topics discussed, the National Business Roadmap (NBR) was presented, as well as its objectives and the potential benefits for the countries’ economy. The importance of broader consultations between industry leaders and representatives of governing bodies was highlighted, in order to development better financial strategies and identify new potential growth perspectives.

Employer’s Skills Survey

Another topic was our Employer’s Skills Survey, a very interesting study through a sample of 200 companies in Mauritius. The broadening gap between offer and demand for jobs, the emerging job opportunities as well as the need to fill it by identifying the needs and through the right trainings were mentioned.

Circular Economy

Last but not least, the several initiatives by the Waste Management Subcommittee action and a study on the circular economy of PET bottles between La Réunion, Mauritius and Mayotte (with terms of references prepared by BM).