Business Mauritius kick-started this year with the Social Capital Commission meeting on the 18th January. The agenda comprised of the presentation of quantitative results of employment skills survey from DCDM, an update on achievements of the commission, the working groups and the way forward for 2019.

During the meeting, Patrice Legris officially announced that he would hand over the reins of the commission to Vidia Mooneegam. The new chairman is looking forward to work with everybody involved in the commission, and is very motivated to tackle his new task.

During Patrice Legris’ chairmanship, the following were achieved:

  •  9 commission meetings were held,
  • More than 55 ideas and proposals were assessed. All this work led to 21 Priority Initiatives for the 2018-2019 financial year, including 7 National Budget Proposals, 5 pilot projects for the Business community, 8 policy uptakes (Public-Private working groups), and 9 recommendations for businesses.
  • The CEO Club and 3 working groups (Professionalisation of HR Function, Training and Talent Crunch & Future of Work) were created under the chairmanship of Patrice.

Business Mauritius wishes to extend its gratitude for Patrice Legris’ commitment and passion as the head of the commission.