Summer which normally spans from November to May is usually the main rainy season in Mauritius.  Rain can at times be particularly heavy and persistent during this period.  Heavy rainfall can cause water accumulation and flooding which may lead to severe traffic congestion and eventual disruption of work in enterprises.

In the advent of heavy rainfall which would affect the population, the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) usually issues either a Heavy Rain or a Torrential Rain Warning bulletin as appropriate which is broadcasted through the media.

Business Mauritius, in collaboration with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre (NDRRMC), is presently working on a Protocol for Heavy Rainfall for the Private Sector.  Pending the finalisation of the Protocol, we strongly recommend that employers take all reasonable measures to mitigate the adverse effects that heavy rainfall may have on the organisation of work and the safety of their employees.

It is essential that businesses have in place Preparedness Plans and Business Continuity Plans that can be implemented in situations of heavy rainfall.

Business Mauritius strongly believes that in circumstances of heavy rainfall the prerogative to decide whether business operations or work should continue or not rests on the individual employer who will also no doubt comply with any lawful directions or order issued by the Authorities.

Members will be informed in due course once the Protocol for Heavy Rainfall for the Private Sector is approved.