Business Mauritius has been solicited by the Government to participate in a support programme to the victims who were the worst hit during the flood of February 2016.

Following a Survey carried out by the relevant Authorities, a list of 837 victims who suffered major losses and who need some cash assistance has been established.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has approved that contributions made by companies in respect of the flood victims of February 2016 would exceptionally be eligible under CSR. The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has been informed to that effect.

In this context, Business Mauritius would like to invite its members to contribute to a dedicated Bank Account Number which has been set up by Business Mauritius from which payments will be made to the victims of the flood.

Account No: 000444324860

Account Currency: MUR

IBAN MU02MCBL0944000444324860000MUR

Members are kindly invited to contribute in this dedicated fund which would be equated as part of their CSR contribution.

Business Mauritius will coordinate with the Authorities regarding the disbursement of the funds to the victims of the flood.