Temporary Restrictions of Movement Order 2021 extended

The public is hereby being informed that the Government has decided to extend the Temporary Restrictions of Movement Order 2021 as from Wednesday 31 March 2021 at 8 p.m. to Friday 30 April 2021 at 8 p.m.

As of Thursday 01 April 2021, persons who are holders of WAP will be allowed to remain outdoor on the island of Mauritius for the sole purpose of travelling from their place of residence to their place of work/business and back.

Self-employed registered with MRA
MRA will arrange for appropriate procedures for the issue of WAPs for self-employed who are registered with the MRA.
Self-employed not registered with MRA
Self-employed who are not registered with MRA, will be assisted by the Citizen Support Unit (CSU) for filling of the online applications for WAP between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays. They should provide details of their National Identity Card and telephone numbers. The following telephone lines are available for assistance – 214 2005 – 214 1727 – 201 3530

Self-employed whose services are essential and are required to move in and out of the Red Zones should apply for Special WAP.

Employees of public and private sector organisations and private individuals, including traders, business operators, planters and distributors of food and food related items, domestic gas and other products who are essential for the running of the business/work who are required to move in and out of the Red Zones should apply for Special WAPs.

Likewise, those residing in the Red Zones and who are required to move out and in to attend to authorised business/work, and are not holders of a WAP, should apply for same on besafemoris.mu. Upon approval, they should apply for the Special WAP.

Only holders of approved WAPs are eligible to apply for Special WAPs.

Application for Special WAPs should be made on besafemoris.mu. Applicants should provide details of their National Identity Card, approved WAP Permit Number and exact reason/purpose for moving in and out of Red Zones.

Learn more:

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Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for Business Operators

Business operators in the categories below are invited to go on the following link to register for vaccination:

■ All Work Access Permit (WAP) holders and exempt persons not registered with industry associations
■ Businesses registered with SME Mauritius and engaged in essential services
■ General retailers and grocery stores
■ Planters and vegetable growers
■ Animal breeders
■ Pharmacy
■ Dentist
■ Meat, fish and poultry shops and cold storage
■ Taxi drivers
■ Bus drivers and conductors
■ Drivers engaged in distribution channels
■ Fishermen
■ Other operators who are in contact with the public


Coordination & Liaison for COVID-19 Vaccination for Private Sector Front-Liners

As announced by the authorities, the Covid-19 vaccination campaign will first target essential services front-liners who have their WAPs or have already applied for their WAPs.



  • If you are a member of a partner association for your sector of operation, we encourage you to apply directly with them
  • Applicable whether you are a member of Business Mauritius or not;
  • And if you are an essential services company
  • And if you have already applied for WAPs for your front-liners;
  • And if you have NOT ALREADY REGISTERED YOUR EMPLOYEE FOR VACCINATION either with a private clinic or with another association representing your sector.


Apply for Vaccination 

Useful information to the Business Community

Business Mauritius and its partner members have been collaborating with the authorities from day 1 of this lockdown to assist with the various logistical elements necessary for essential services to operate during this new confinement period.

You will find hereunder some useful information on what was done these past few days to help the business community.

Together, we will overcome Covid-19 again.

Stay safe!