Lovebridge is a joint public/private platform for the National Parrainage Programme which was put in place after the 2015 National Budget.

A subsidiary of Business Mauritius, Lovebridge translates into action the commitments of social responsibility of Mauritian companies towards the poorest families. It also invites Mauritians to engage in the fight against poverty by building long-term projects with these families.

Together, families and Mauritian volunteers find professional support at Lovebridge. Their intervention teams, supported by volunteers-experts, help Lovebridge to set up personalized projects. These projects are built taking into account the complexity of the living situations that these underprivileged families experience.

Lovebridge is also a relay to specialized NGOs and government agencies that will provide answers to specific situations.

Find our more: www.lovebridge.mu

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/lovebridgeproject