Detailed Analysis of the National Budget 2022/23

We are pleased to attach our detailed analysis of the National Budget 2022/23 presented on 07 June 2022. This analysis is based on the Business Mauritius Budget Memo submitted on 20 April 2022.

Overall, we find that the National Budget measures respond to current priorities of the business community, with those relating to the energy sector, the opening up of real estate and the enhanced sea connectivity to be highlighted. The economic recovery process is not impeded but global uncertainties may hamper the optimistic investment and growth forecasts. The support measures towards those most affected by the recent price increases is also welcome and dovetails with the inclusiveness projects of the business community such as the temporary voucher system and Moris Solider.

More work is required with Government for important medium term reforms regarding the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Mauritian economy. This would include areas such as labour market reforms, pensions reforms, fiscal competitiveness and a framework to attract foreign talents as well as how to direct social assistance towards the vulnerable.

Maurice Strategie, an economic research and planning bureau to formulate socio-economic policies, is an important measure announced and on which we should build in order to develop a strategic planning process which is necessary for the optimal positioning of Mauritius.

The timely implementation of the relevant measures is key for the business community and we therefore look forward to working together with Government on their realization.

Download Detailed Analysis Here