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COVID-19: Best Practices – Post Confinement Back to Work Safety

The BM Covid-19 response HR Committee and the BM team has compiled a set of BEST PRACTICES on certain key issues which enterprises may need to consider and provide for whilst organising their operations in the post confinement environment.

These Best Practices will assist to:

  •  protect employees from contracting Covid-19 at the workplace
  • stop transmission if any, prevent outbreaks and delay spread
  • speed up and help access to optimised care for potentially infected employees
  • minimise the impact of the epidemic on health systems, social services and national economic activity.

This document supplements any provisions or measures which companies are considering introducing or may have already implemented at the workplace.

The attention of members is drawn to the following essential points:

  • This set of Best Practices is not exhaustive and should not be considered as legal advice on any of the issues covered.
  • The provisions of the Data Protection Act should be complied with while implementing the suggested guidelines.
  • Government has announced that legal instruments will be enacted shortly to regulate Covid-19 related matters likely to impact on businesses and the world of work.

Once these provisions come into force, certain best practices may require some necessary changes.

We remain at your disposal should you require further information.

Let us stay united to help save lives and livelihoods.