Business Mauritius Budget Memo FY2022/2023

Macroeconomic challenges, namely the inflationary pressures from international supply shocks which are exacerbated by the depreciation of the rupee, the National Debt situation, the slowing investment rate and a stark goods account deficit, are worrying when businesses are still recovering from the COVID outbreak and are now impacted by the uncertainty prevailing in the global economy following the crisis in Ukraine. At this crucial period, it is of utmost importance to have concerted efforts between the private and public sectors to ensure a transition towards renewable energy sources and circular economy practices, build capacity in the face of de-globalization trends and address long-overdue labour market reforms, attract global talents, carry out structural reforms, enable adequate sea and air connectivity and seize available economic opportunities while providing support to the most vulnerable and furthermore optimising our net foreign exchange earnings.



Alliance des Patronats Francophones | Prospérer Ensemble

Les Présidents de patronats issus de 25 pays francophones, dont Business Mauritius, ont signé officiellement, en présence de la Cheffe de gouvernement de Tunisie, les statuts portant création de l’Alliance des Patronats Francophones, ce mardi 29 mars 2022.
Cette alliance a été créée après la tenue de la première REF francophone et la Déclaration de Paris. Elle manifeste la continuité d’action et la détermination des patronats fondateurs pour bâtir une francophonie économique concrète autour des entreprises.
L’Alliance se rencontrera de nouveau en octobre prochain à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, pour la tenue de « La REF francophone 22 ». Les résultats des six premiers mois d’actions y seront présentés.

International Cooperation | Business Mauritius and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

Business Mauritius and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday, 21 February 2022, during a virtual event. This protocol aims at establishing exchanges of expertise and enhancing business opportunities between Mauritius and the Pacific Islands. Mauritius thus becomes the first African country to sign such an agreement with the PIF Secretariat.

This collaboration brings together the Pacific private sector – businesses, industry and employer organisations – and Business Mauritius, the peak body representing over 1200 companies in Mauritius. Sharing lessons and best-practice is part of South-South cooperation and strengthening Small Islands Developing States partnerships, particularly for post-COVID economic recovery.

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OACPS Business Forum

The OACPS Business Forum was officially launched on 21 January 2022 during a virtual meeting organized by the OACPS Secretariat with technical support of Business ACP.

This Business Forum is one of the five “Subsidiary and Consultative Organs” foreseen under the Georgetown Agreement, with 3 main objectives:

  1. Promoting dialogue and collaboration between OACPS Governments, Regional Integration Institutions and the private sector at national, regional and continental levels within and between the 6 OACPS regions;
  2. Contributing to the formulation and implementation of private sector development policies; and
  3. Promoting knowledge sharing and information dissemination on private sector development issues, including the exchange of best practices between and within the 6 OACPS regions.

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Jean-Pierre Dalais prend la présidence de Business Mauritius

Business Mauritius a tenu son Annual General Meeting (AGM) ce mercredi 20 octobre au Hennessy Park Hotel, à Ébène. L’association représentant plus de 1 200 entreprises du privé a passé en revue ses réalisations lors de ces deux dernières années marquées par la pandémie de la COVID-19. En parallèle, l’événement a également vu l’élection d’un nouveau président, en la personne de Jean-Pierre Dalais, Group Chief Executive de CIEL.

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