Environmental Services

Environmental management is an integral part of enterprise development. Business Mauritius offers asssistance to its members to help them integrate concept of sustainable development in their management and overall development.


  • Promote and explain the concepts linked to sustainable development and enterprise responsibility towards environment protection and resources conservation
  • Collect and distribute all information, statistics regarding the implementation of sound environmental management practices
  • Encourage members to participate in Environmental activities e.g. cleaner promotion projects, exhibitions and awareness campaigns
  • Ensure that members meet statutory obligations concerning environment protection and conservation and implement policies accordingly
  • Adopt environmental sound practices and cleaner production through voluntary initiatives

Our programmes:


Representation on Boards and Committees

National Network for Sustainable Development


SigneNatir is a community initiative led by Business Mauritius to make our island more respectful of people and environment.

Our mission is to ensure that the business community adheres to some or all commitments listed below:

  • Shift to a low-carbon economy to consolidate resilient development.
  •  Engage in sustainable consumption and production, including a local agricultural value chain, through producer/importer and consumer responsibility to valorise and optimize resources and by-products.
  • Protect our biodiversity and natural heritage through mindful development and adapting to climate change collaboratively.
  • Make our island safe and valorise cultural and historical heritage for the well-being of communities.
  • Adopt Inclusive Development Practices.

Companies are kindly requested to register online if they want to form part of SigneNatir.

Click here to register online:


Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance (SUNREF) Mauritius consists of a credit line of EUR 85 million provided by the Agence française de développement (AFD) through partner banks to

finance green projects which can benefit from Investment Grants of between 5% and 16% of the eligible loan amount. AFD has been involved since 2009 in assisting Mauritius in its transition towards a greener

and more sustainable economy. In association with three local partner banks, AFD has successfully developed a green finance market with appropriate marketing approaches.

SUNREF Mauritius also has a free technical assistance programme to help:

  • Build the technical capacity of partner banks to identify investment opportunities in climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as in gender equality
  • Advise investors on the eligibility of their investment under the SUNREF Mauritius programme and propose best in class technologies, as they develop their projects
  • Monitor the implementation of their projects
  • Communicate and promote the financial offers available under the credit line

Visit link to SUNREF Mauritius