Energy Efficiency

Programme National d’Efficacité Energétique (PNEE)

Energy efficiency is using less energy to provide the same service or product. EE is crucial for sustainable development, including the pursuit of SDG 7, the United Nations-adopted goal of ensuring “affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.

The Programme National d’Efficacité Energétique (PNEE) offers Mauritian companies technical and financial assistance to reduce energy consumption, have more competitiveness and be more eco-friendly. The PNEE is a joint initiative of the private sector and the public sector, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Business Mauritius. The program offers technical and financial support from Agence Française de Développement and the European Union.

Find our more: www.pnee.mu

Nou Lenerzi, dynamic driven by Business Mauritius to achieve energy transition!

New industrial revolution takes us towards a more responsible, more sustainable and collaborative society. If, the Information and Communication Technology sector is well ensconced in the Mauritian society, the shift towards the use of green energy sources is still lagging behind to fully achieve energy transition.

Launched a few years ago, the objective of this transition, essentially based on energy efficiency, renewable sources (renewable energy), electrical transport (innovative mobility) and buildings with positive energy (green buildings), is to move from a carbon-based economy to a low-carbon one. The whole process boosted and managed by a smart grid.

Spurred by Business Mauritius, innovative sustainable projects implemented by Mauritian companies have emerged. The organization, in its quest to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, aims at federating its members for a real paradigm shift, in order to create shared value, employment and also boost competitiveness.