Economics, Statistics and Research services

Business Mauritius plays a vital role in ensuring that economic, labour and social policies promote a business-friendly environment that favours enterprise development, economic growth and employment creation.


  • Research on subject matters relating to the economy, world of work and enterprise. We provide insightful analysis of economic and labour market trends, which are disseminated as survey reports and other publications and are intended to help employers build an understanding and keep abreast of developments in the economy and the world of work, both domestically and globally.
  • Business Mauritius assists its members in making informed management decisions through guidance on income tax regulations relevant to employers and the provision of up to date economic data such as inflation and consumer price index, salaries and earnings, employment and other economic trends.
  • We regularly organises briefing sessions, workshops and conferences with a view to effectively inform, share knowledge and build the capacity of employers on various economic and labour issues.

Representation on Boards and Committees

  • Consumer Price Index Advisory Committee
  • NPF/NSF Investment Committee
  • National Savings Fund Technical Committee
  • MSB Standards Council


This platform aims to centralise the services offered by BM to small and medium-sized enterprises while providing them opportunities to bid through the procurement platform as they will now be able to know in real-time the demands of major companies, and thus helping them integrate the larger supply chain, adopt quality standards and eventually grow their business. 

The BM SME Support Platform enables members to communicate on webinars, training organise at their end and other important information concerning SMEs.

Get in touch with us for any procurement, webinars, training or new services which can be useful to our SME members at

Business Mauritius acknowledges the key role of SMEs in the economic development of Mauritius and is actively engaged in policy dialogue and initiatives to the benefit of SMEs.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation of SMEs became critical and a SME Sub-committee was formed to come up with recommendations for the support and recovery of SMEs.

Business Mauritius SME Support Services:

  • A Procurement Platform with Concrete Business Opportunities in the form of procurement needs issued by large, medium and small companies

  • Consolidated information on Government Support Mechanisms

  • Useful links to relevant SME Support Services

  • Consolidated information on SME-related Webinars and Training