Economics, Statistics and Research services

Business Mauritius plays a vital role in ensuring that economic, labour and social policies promote a business-friendly environment that favours enterprise development, economic growth and employment creation.


  • Research on subject matters relating to the economy, world of work and enterprise. We provide insightful analysis of economic and labour market trends, which are disseminated as survey reports and other publications and are intended to help employers build an understanding and keep abreast of developments in the economy and the world of work, both domestically and globally.
  • Business Mauritius assists its members in making informed management decisions through guidance on income tax regulations relevant to employers and the provision of up to date economic data such as inflation and consumer price index, salaries and earnings, employment and other economic trends.
  • We regularly organises briefing sessions, workshops and conferences with a view to effectively inform, share knowledge and build the capacity of employers on various economic and labour issues.

Representation on Boards and Committees

  • Consumer Price Index Advisory Committee
  • NPF/NSF Investment Committee
  • National Savings Fund Technical Committee
  • MSB Standards Council