National Council Members

Represented by 17 members, the Council is the governance body of Business Mauritius, and guides the work of the association through consultation with member businesses.

Name Position Membership Category
Mr Jean Louis Pismont President, AHRIM Partner Member
Mr Christopher Hart de Keating President, AMM Partner Member
Mr Derek Wong President, IAM Partner Member
Mr François Vitry Audibert President, MCA Partner Member
Mr Azim Currimjee President, MCCI Partner Member
Mr Beas Cheekhooree President, MEXA Partner Member
Mr Didier Adam President, BACECA Partner Member
Mr Ravin Dajee President, MBA Partner Member
Mr Ken Arian OTAM Partner Member
Mr Jean Li Yuen Fong Terragri Ltd Elected Member
Mrs Madhavi Ramdin-Clark ACCA Mauritius Elected Member
Mr Cédric Doger de Speville Avipro Co. Ltd Elected Member
Mr Vidia Mooneegan Ceridian (Mauritius) Ltd Elected Member
Mr Vishal Nunkoo Velogic Ltd Elected Member
Mr Tejnarain Chumroo Federation of Unions of Managers of Private Secondary Schools Elected Member
Mr P. Arnaud Dalais Chairman, Ciel Group Co-opted Member
Mr Vincent de Labauve d’Arifat Précigraph Ltd Co-opted Member