Tropical Cyclone "BERGUITTA"

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre has issued a Communiqué today as Mauritius is now under the direct threat of Tropical Cyclone “BERGUITTA”.

The official Csommuniqué is reproduced below and we invite all our members to comply with the advice contained therein and complete all their preparedness measures.

  1. Ensure drains and watercourses are free from debris and obstructions;
  2. Ensure that all loose items vulnerable to strong winds/gusts such as corrugated iron sheets are properly secured;
  3. Ensure that all openings are properly secured and fastened to avoid damage and injuries;
  4. Ensure that you have all emergency equipment and supply (portable radio, essential tools, dry batteries and chargers, candles, dry food, drinking water) at hand;
  5. Do not venture outdoor during adverse weather conditions and keep your livestock and pets safely;
  6. Ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off and disconnected from main supply;
  7. Do not venture near rivers, canals, streams and areas prone to flooding, landslide, rockfall and water accumulations;
  8. Do not venture at sea and lagoons or near vulnerable coastal areas;
  9. Do not cross flooded bridges or sub-merged areas by foot or by vehicle;
  10. Road users are to be cautious due to fog and poor visibility, water accumulations, slippery road conditions and crosswinds;
  11. Avoid using underground passes, underground parking and parking under trees;
  12. Fishing community to remove fishing boats at sea before bad weather;
  13. Move to emergency shelters if your house is at risk or is affected move;
  14. Keep an emergency kit which you may carry if you are proceeding to an emergency shelter which may include warm clothes, essential medications, drinking water and dry ration, important documents
  15. Listen attentively to the advice of the authorities on the radio/TV;
  16. If you are in immediate danger, call the authorities on emergency lines (Police on 999 and Fire Services on 115 and SAMU on 114);
  17. Remain informed of latest weather information from Mauritius Telecom on 8996 for fixed lines and 171 for cellphones or via Emtel Smart Sim.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.